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I've been a librarian for three decades and change, specializing in history, genealogy and consumer-health information, education and advocacy, with a passion for music and for languages and literature, especially French. It's now July 2015 and in about two and a half months I'll be retiring from a public-service library job in social sciences, history and genealogy, by which time I'll be taking some courses (online) through the Medical Library Association to earn a second three-year renewal of my Consumer Health Information Specialist certificate; I also plan to start taking a 15-week online course through Boston University, leading to a genealogy certificate. It's not the CG but it should help me prepare for that quite well. plan is to start a research and information consulting business, working with individuals and companies, especially nonprofit organizations, focusing on bringing individuals and groups to history and genealogy--and vice versa--and the same in the case of knowledge and its positive outcomes in such fields of medicine as mental health and mental illness, thyroid (and parathyroid) diseases especially thyroid cancer, lymphedema, and eye, joint and connective-tissue diseases. Why all these? Because I know them intimately and first-hand, and I am well aware of the power of knowledge to help us live as well and as long as we can, while helping others to do the same! I'd also love to go back to school and get my Ph.D....but that's another story for another day. Meanwhile, first things first: a lot of writing, a lot of one-on-one and small-group teaching, and sharing and transmitting my sense of the vital importance of information and education to any society that hopes to merit the adjective "free"!

“We are all molded of the same clay.”

These words were spoken by Dr. Chand J. Nair who, in receiving NAMI-PA’s annual Exemplary Psychiatrist Award at last night’s third annual Cherry Blossom Ball, emphasized the fact that having a psychiatric disorder does not make anyone the inferior of … Continue reading

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Everyone is relative

That’s a cutesy way of saying somethiing that I believe, and believe in, more and more as I see the way we behave towards each other: we have much more in common than apart, and it would surprise most of … Continue reading

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8 January 2012

That’s tomorrow, and it’s the first anniversary of the shooting that killed and wounded a lot of good people in Arizona.  One of them was a young member of the US House of Representatives named Gabrielle Giffords, whose genuine concern … Continue reading

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Finding my mantra

I’ve been reading some of Guy Kawasaki’s advice, which includes finding a three-word-or-less phrase that defines and gives meaning to your work. Getting anything down to three words is hard for me, but I think I’m close to it: perhaps … Continue reading

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“The Power of Knowledge”

That’s the title of a workshop I’ve given, twice as a poster and twice as a class, on finding and using information about affective (mood) and related disorders. Being educated about a medical problem is vital to survival, especially if … Continue reading

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