Some people call me Sherlock…

As a longtime librarian and educator, I’m unshakeably convinced of the power of knowledge–of both the past and the present–to give us full, healthy lives. I’m also a speaker, writer, and editor with a passion for languages and literature, especially French. I love mysteries and challenges…and helping other people solve their mysteries and challenges.

For example: Are your needs related to bringing people and history together, researching your own family history, or helping others research theirs? Doing so both in and outside libraries has been my great pleasure for many years. I’ll work for and with you to answer your questions, build and manage your collections, and teach others how to use them and why they’re important. Are your challenges related to health and disability information, education, support, and advocacy? As I’ve enjoyed doing for a very long time, mainly as a librarian and through health-related advocacy associations, I’ll speak and write for you; I’ll work with your organization, hospital, school, or library to find reliable information and make it available and helpful.

Some people call me Sherlock. Let me show you why.

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